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360° Video & Panoramic Photo Images


Our very latest 360° technologies give a whole new perspective to online virtual tours & image making. Get your products and services into today’s new media world covering All Angles..

Virtual Tours - Creative Angles - Event Coverage - Cinematography

The latest 360° Cameras, Editing Software and Tools ..

CoolGuysMedia has the right tools for the job, and with our waterproof housing even the ocean depths are within reach

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Our Virtual Tours now have the power to let You decide where you want to go and what you want to see.. Start with a location, visit the area, find a store, and then see a product you like. Click on the product and it will take you to the business or online store where you can buy it, or in time add it to your basket in our very own market place store.
There cannot be an easier way to shop and be entertained at the same time . You now have control over your own destination .. How Cool is That . All bought to you by CoolGuysMedia.com

IslandLikes.com is a new concept to add every business (starting in Tobago W.I.) to a Business Directory with links via our
Island Tours YouTube links in each tour description ,and in our Virtual 360 Tours as seen above
All can be found on Island Likes Right Here

We have the Creativity, Experience. Gear and Knowledge to get your Business, where you want it to be at a fraction of the cost. 


Travel and Tourism

This technology is perfectly suited to showcase Hotels, Resorts, Real-Estate, Tourist Attractions,  Action Sports and getting video angles which were totally out of reach in the past.

Rich 4K Video quality content and High Resolution digial images ensure the finest available production content.


online virtual tours
real estate on property tours
tourist attractions, exhibitions & museums 
interiors of cars, boats, mobile homes & stores

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